“Adult Fans of Lego Can Submit Designs for Limited Edition Sets” by S.M. O’Connor

BrickLink, LEGO® Group Team Up to Celebrate LEGO® Brick’s 60th Anniversary

After a teaser announcement on Thursday, September 6, 2018, California-based BrickLink Corporation, in cooperation with The LEGO® Group, would be hosting an Adult Fan of LEGO (A.F.O.L.) Designer Group, the BrickLink Team announced on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 that A.F.O.L.s can submit designs for limited edition LEGO® sets. This is part of the celebrations of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the LEGO® Brick.

Designs must be submitted with Studio 2.0.  BrickLink started to accept entries on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 and will be accepting entries through Sunday, November 18, 2018.  Submitted designs will be publicly displayed during this time period.  The LEGO® design team will review submissions made with Studio 2.0, and up to twenty finalists will be selected.

In February of 2019, selected designs will be announced and displayed for crowdfunding purposes.  At that time, the public will be able to pre-order sets.  Designers who submit designs that are not selected will retain full I.P. (intellectual property) rights, meaning they can freely use their original designs for any other purpose after the contest.

Successfully crowdfunded designs will become limited-edition 60 Years Anniversary sets, which will be available exclusively through the BrickLink Website.  BrickLink will pay 10% of total sales revenue to designers for all successfully crowdfunded AFOL designs including pre-order.  The BrickLink Team will begin to ship orders in April of 2019.

One can review all the requirements online here.  People who have ideas for designs but who are not designers themselves can share their design ideas with the A.F.O.L. in the Studio forum.

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