“Soutron Global to Unveil Upgrade at 2018 Toronto User Group Meeting” by S.M. O’Connor

San Diego, California-based library vendor Soutron Global will speak about the release of Soutron 4.1 at the 2018 Toronto User Group meeting that will be held on Thursday, October 25, 2018.  Topics covered will include Soutron 4.1’s interface, streamlined workflows, and new features.  The company stated, “Soutron Global’s annual Toronto User Group meeting is a powerful venue for the company to meet with its clients and listen to their needs, review the direction of the company and demonstrate new product advancements.”

“At Soutron, we know our clients want a great experience.  We continue to deliver on our promise to invest in the latest technology and our team.  We work with our clients to create new features that will save them time and make their lives easier,” stated Tony Saadat, Soutron Global C.E.O.  “Partnership with Soutron Global gives clients greater flexibility to effectively use cutting edge tools and technology.”

“Perhaps one of the most valuable parts of the annual Toronto user group meeting is the Tips and Tricks segment where clients and Soutron Global staff share helpful ideas on how to make their information centers more visible to their organization, stated Mary Dudman, M.L.S., Soutron Global’s Training Services Manager.  “The ability to seamlessly manage both print and digital assets is critical for today’s libraries.”

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Photo by Tamás Mészáros on Pexels.com

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