“Lego Group Introduces 1967 Ford Mustang Set” by S.M. O’Connor

Lego System A/S (doing business as The LEGO® Group) announced in Billund, Denmark on February 22, 2019 that it would be introducing a 1967 Ford Mustang set in the LEGO® Creator Expert Range on March 1st.  Developed in partnership with the Ford Motor Company, the new Creator Expert Ford Mustang model is based on a 1967 Fastback Mustang.[1]

Lee Iacocca and Donald N. Fey (1923-2010) oversaw development of the Ford Mustang I concept car, which led to the Mustang product line.  The Mustang set the mold for so-called pony cars: affordable American muscle cars.  The 40,000-square-foot Mustang Owners Museum opened in Concord, North Carolina on Friday, May 3, 2019.

Comprised of 1,471 pieces, The LEGO® Group describes the model in Ford Mustang (Set #10265)Ford Mustang (Set #10265) as a “nostalgic muscle car [that] comes complete with working steering, dark-blue bodywork, white racing stripes, bonnet scoop, printed Mustang grille badge, GT emblems, and 5-spoke rums with road gripping tyres.”[2]

The model is more than three inches (ten centimeters) tall, thirteen inches (thirty-four centimeters) long, and five inches (fourteen centimeters) wide.  It features the instantly-recognizable Mustang feral horse logo and is customizable because of optional add-ons.[3]  The LEGO® Group stated, “Customization options include a supercharger, rear ducktail spoiler, beefy exhaust pipes, front chin spoiler and a nitrous oxide tank for an authentic muscle car build experience.”

The model allows owners to store items in the trunk and to lift the hood to reveal a detailed replica big block 390 V8 engine with battery, hoses, and air filter detailing.  The LEGO® Group stated, “The rear axle of the car can be lifted too for an extra-mean look, the doors can be opened and the roof panel removed to give access to the detailed interior with classic seats, radio, working steering and a mid-console gearshift.”

A printed mustang grille badge, GT emblems and a selection of license plates add the final touches to this extraordinary LEGO Creator Expert model!

James Berard, Design Lead for the LEGO® Creator Expert Line, stated, “The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic, symbolic cars in history – and to bring this fan favourite muscle car to life in brick form, with this level of customisation, has been exhilarating.  We can’t wait to see our LEGO and Ford Mustang fans’ own cretaions when they get their hands on this new set.”[4]

Jim Owners, Mustang Marketing Manager, stated, “There are few cars on the road that are as instantly recognizable as the Ford Mustang, and it’s exciting to see the iconic car’s combination of design and heritage come through in this LEGO set.”


Figure 1 Credit: The LEG® Group Credit: The Ford Mustang model in the LEGO® Creator Expert Range’s Ford Mustang (Set #10265) is 3” (10cm) tall, 13” (34 cm) long, and 5” (14 cm) wide.

This set is for adults and teenagers sixteen years of age and older.  The LEGO® Creator Expert set Ford Mustang is available directly from LEGO® Shops and online via https://shop.Lego.com/en-US/product/Ford-Mustang-10265.  The list price is $149.99.


[1] A fastback is a car body style that has a single slope from the rooftop to the back bumper.  This is as opposed to a coupé or convertible or sedan.

[2] The press release used the British spelling of tires.

[3] A mustang is an example of a feral horse, not a wild horse.  It is certainly not a pony.

[4] The press release LAO used the British spelling for favorite and customization.

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