“C.C.A.H.A. to Hold Library and Archival Conference in Indianapolis,” by S.M. O’Connor

The Conservation Center for Arts & Historic Artifacts (C.C.A.H.A.) in Philadelphia announced a two-day-long conference will be held in Indianapolis, “Off the Shelf: Access and Preservation in Libraries and Archives.”  It will take place October 22-23, 2019, at the Indiana Historical Society, 450 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

The C.C.A.H.A. stated, “Innovative educational strategies have revolutionized how books and archival materials are experienced by diverse audiences, as a variety of communication styles and learning preferences are considered. Digitization, behind-the scenes tours, and adaptive exhibition environments relay the story for all. Even the work of conservators and librarians may be presented as part of the storytelling, as creative approaches to accessibility and collections care evolve. Yet, these approaches may seem at odds with preservation. The need for accessibility in libraries and archives requires a delicate balance between preservation and making materials available and understandable to a large audience with diverse needs. Strategies for promoting access with responsible stewardship in libraries and archives is the focus of this conference.”

Topics covered by the conference will include security issues in public access, digitization as access, opening special collections for audiences beyond researchers, sensory stimulation and visitor experience, and increasing understanding of collections stewardship.  This two-day conference includes the opportunity to participate in Indiana Experience at the the Indiana Historical Society’s Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center in downtown Indianapolis.

The cost is $275 for C.C.A.H.A. Members and $300 for non-members. One can register at: https://ccaha.org/events/shelf-access-and-preservation-libraries-and-archives.  Funding for this program has been provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the William Penn Foundation.

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