“When is the Brookfield Zoo Free in 2020?”

The Brookfield Zoo in west suburban Brookfield, Illinois is free on weekends, Tuesdays, and Thursdays between Wednesday, January 1, A.D. 2020 and Saturday, February 29, A.D. 2020.  That means the remaining free days are Tuesday, January 14, A.D. 2020; Thursday, January 16, A.D. 2020; Saturday, January 18, A.D. 2020; Sunday, January 19, A.D. 2020; Tuesday, January 21, A.D. 2020; Thursday, January 23, A.D. 2020; Saturday, January 25, A.D. 2020; Sunday, January 26, A.D. 2020; Tuesday, January, 28, A.D. 2020; Thursday, January 30, A.D. 2020; Saturday, February 1, A.D. 2020; Sunday, February 2, A.D. 2020; Tuesday, February 4, A.D. 2020; Thursday, February 6, A.D. 2020; Saturday, February 8, A.D. 2020; Sunday, February 9, A.D. 2020; Tuesday, February 11, A.D. 2020; Thursday, February 13, A.D. 2020; Saturday, February 15, A.D. 2020; Sunday, February 16, A.D. 2020; Tuesday, February 18, A.D. 2020; Thursday, February 20, A.D. 2020; Saturday, February 22, A.D. 2020; Sunday, February 23, A.D. 2020; Tuesday, February 25, A.D. 2020; Thursday, 27, A.D. 2020; and Saturday, February 29, A.D. 2020.   This is a great opportunity for families with babies or preschool-aged tots, homeschooling families, and adults with open schedules to see the zoo.

Normally, tickets are for adults are $24.95 ($23.95 if purchased online), for senior citizens (sixty-five-and-over)are $19.95 ($18.95 if purchased online), and for children (three-to-eleven) $17.95 ($16.95 if purchased online).  Click here to purchase tickets online.

Note free admission does not include “zoo attractions” meaning Dolphins in Action!, Hamill Family Wild Encounters, the Hamill Family Play Zoo, Butterflies!, and The Carousel, and Motor Safari.  However, Butterflies! is not open until Saturday, May 23, A.D. 2020 anyway.  This is an opportunity to see those other attractions cheaply.  Tickets for Dolphins in Action are $6 for adults, $4 for senior citizens, and $3 for children.  The same is true for Hamill Family Wild Encounters and Motor Safari.  Tickets for the Hamill Family Play Zoo are $4 for adults, $3.50 for senior citizens, and $3 for children.  The same is true for The Carousel.

      The Chicago Zoological Society (C.Z.S.) is a private, non-profit organization that operates the Brookfield Zoo on land owned by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.  Founded in 1920 and chartered in 1921, the C.Z.S. brought to life the vision of Edith Rockefeller McCormick (1872-1932) to give Chicago a zoo without bars modeled on the Tierpark Hagenbeck, known in English as the Hagenbeck Animal Park, a privately-owned zoo in Hamburg founded in 1907 by Carl Hagenback, Jr. (1844-1913).  The Brookfield Zoo opened in 1934, during the second year of Chicago’s second World’s Fair, A Century of Progress International Exposition (1933-34). 

      The C.Z.S. is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. The Brookfield Zoo met the American Humane Association’s rigorous standards for the care and welfare of animals to become the world’s first zoo to receive Humane Certified™ certification.

      The Brookfield Zoo is open every day of the year.  It is located between the Stevenson Expressway (I-55) and Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) and is also accessible via the TriState Tollway (I-294).  The North Gate Main Entrance address is 8400 West 31st Street, Brookfield, Illinois 60513.  The South Gate Main Entrance address is 3300 Golf Road, Brookfield, Illinois 60513.  A train station, the Hollywood (Zoo Stop) on Metra’s B.N.S.F. line, is a few blocks to the south of the South Gate entrance.  The phone number is (708) 688-8000.  The Website is www.czs.org/Brookfield-ZOO/Home.

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