“What is the Breakout Film Festival?”

The Breakout Film Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland is an annual short film festival that holds a monthly international short film contest.  Submissions are accepted each month, January through December, with a winner for each month chosen the following month.  [The deadline for February is Saturday, February 29, A.D. 2020.]  Monthly winners receive a selection laurel.  In January of 2021, the winning film for each month will be screened in Edinburgh and a jury will select an overall winner.  The overall winner receives a trophy and $500 (not £500).  Click here to submit a short film via Film Freeway. 

Submissions must be a minimum of one minute in length and a maximum of forty minutes in length.  The filmmaker(s) must own the copyright to all footage and music and must submit promotional still for marketing purposes.  Foreign language films must have subtitles.

The first Breakout Film Festival was the Breakout Film Festival 2019 held on Saturday, June 15, A.D. 2019.  Adam Palmer’s Answer was the inaugural winner of Best Short Film. This year, the Breakout Film Festival 2020 will be held in April. 

Edinburgh is the capital city of the Kingdom of Scotland within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (U.K.).  It is the seat of the Scottish Government, which includes the Scottish Parliament (a devolved unicameral legislature), the Court of Session (Scotland’s supreme civil court) and the High Court of Justiciary (Scotland’s supreme criminal court).  The University of Edinburgh, the National Museum of Scotland, the National Gallery of Scotland, and the National Library of Scotland are all located there, as well.  Edinburgh is also the second-largest Scottish city after Glasgow.  It is home to annual performing arts festivals: Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  Edinburgh Castle, which sits atop Castle Rock, dominates the city’s skyline.  It was a royal residence of Scottish kings from the 12th Century to the 17th Century.  The Palace of Holyroodhouse is Queen Elizabeth II’s official residence in Scotland.

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