“Anne Sweeney Joins The Lego® Group’s Board of Directors”

      Lego A/S (doing business as The LEGO® Group) announced on Sunday, May 3, A.D. 2020, that Kåre Schultz, C.E.O. of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. had stepped down from The LEGO® Group’s Board of Directors and been replaced by Anne Sweeney. Ms. Sweeney is a member of the Board of Directors of Netflix and the Mayo Clinic.  She is also a Deans Distinguished Fellow at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. 

      She was formerly Co-Chair of Disney Medica Networks and President of Disney-A.B.C. Television Group, which includes The Walt Disney Company’s global entertainment and news television networks and cable channels, a group of eight television stations owned by A.B.C. (as opposed to affiliate stations), as well as radio and publishing businesses.  She also had oversight of Disney’s equity in Hulu and A&E Networks.  In March of 2014, she announced via an interview in The Hollywood Reporter that after eighteen years art Disney, she would only renew her contract through January of 2015 so she could pursue an interest in becoming a television director.  Prior to her work for The Walt Disney Company, she held executive positions at Nickelodeon for twelve years and FX Networks for three years.  Ms. Sweeney has a B.A. from The College of New Rochelle and an Ed.M. from Harvard.

Figure 1 Credit: The LEGO® Group Caption: Anne M. Sweeney, who shocked the entertainment world in 2014 when she announced in 2015 she would step down as Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks and President of the Disney-A.B.C. Television Group in January of 2015, in order to become a television director, and instead joined the Board of Directors of Netflix in March of 2015, joined the Board of Directors of The LEGO® Group in May of 2020.

      Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, Chairman of the Board of Directors and great-grandson of The LEGO® Group founder Ole Kirk Christiansen, stated, “LEGO A/S has developed tremendously since 2007 when Kåre Schultz first joined as a Member of the Board.  I would like to thank Kåre for his dedicated contributions to this development over more than 12 years.  Furthermore, I am please to welcome Anne Sweeney as a new Member of the Board Anne brings key strategic competencies within entertainment, learning and digitalisation from an impressive career.  I am looking forward to be working with Anne on the Board.”[1]  

[1] This is not a misspelling of digitalization.  Mr. Kristiansen used the British spelling.

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