Published Works

Thus far, I have contributed to four reference books, all of which have been published by ABC-CLIO. Firstly, I wrote the chapter “Businesspersons” to the history book Jazz Age: People and Perspectives, edited by Mitchell Newton-Matza and published in 2009. Secondly, I wrote three entries on the 1812 Fort Dearborn Massacre in Chicago, the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago, and the 1944 ammunition ship explosion in Port Chicago, California, for Disasters and Tragic Events: An Encyclopedia of Catastrophes in American History, edited by Mitchell Newton-Matza and published in 2014. Thirdly, I wrote chapter-length biographies on D.W. Griffith and John Ford to the reference book 100 People Who Changed 20th-Century America, edited by Mary Cross and published in January of 2013. Fourthly, I wrote two entries for Historic Sites and Landmarks that Shaped America: From Acoma Pueblo to Ground Zero, edited by Mitchell Newton-Matza and published in 2016: “Chicago Portage” and “Hyde Park.” In addition, in 2011, I wrote the essay “A Period of Ineptitude and Corruption: Perceptions of the U.S. in the 1970s”​ for ABC-CLIO’s American History Academic Database.

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